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10 Surprising Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40


Getting older can sometimes be synonymous to adding weight for women over 40; especially because of child-birth. That is why we want to show you the effective weight loss tips for women over 40.

If you are getting older, you don’t have to gain weight with it.

It’s not “Normal” to gain weight as you get older. 

Losing weight used to be very much simpler when you were younger; all you had to do was go down to the gym for a few days and reduce your sugar intake; and all was well.

But as you get older, your metabolic rate reduces naturally making our dieting and exercise to be less effective as it used to be.

There’s good news, though!

It’s still very possible to lose weight after 40 but you will have to plan ahead, eat healthier foods and do a little exercise… or still, if you really want to lose weight for good without any form of exercise, then you’ll have to become a vegetarian.

But that’s another post entirely which you can read here.

Follow these simple tips for weight loss after 40 and stay fit and healthy.

1. Know Your Body Well

Unless you know that food is interfering seriously with your weight loss goals, there is no need to cut off completely from that food.

Some people can eat a bar of chocolate and have their belt too tight while others can eat 10 bars and not feel a thing.

You should know what your body can handle and then act accordingly.

This can take some time, but that’s okay.

Spend some time to know yourself more, what works for you now and what doesn’t work anymore for you. 

For instance, your body might not be able to handle a long run now so you could go for a walk with a partner.

Or you could do beginner yoga to tone your body.

2. Boost Your Metabolism

And as you get older, naturally, your metabolism reduces and skipping meals messes with your metabolism and slows it down considerably.

This means that if you are over 40 and skip meals, you are in danger of adding weight that will be very difficult to get off.

So, what’s the trick here?

Boost your metabolism.

And how do you do that?

The most effective way to boost your metabolism is to keep track of your protein intake as proteins acts as building blocks for your bodily processes.

Protein gives you energy and help build your muscles to give your metabolism that boost for passive weight loss. 

You can try using organic protein powder if you need help getting the amount of protein you need on a daily basis.

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3. Get Plenty Sleep

Women who get less than 5 hours of sleep on a daily basis are more likely to become obese by 15%, according to a Nurses’ health study of 60,000 women studied over 16 years.

Getting enough sleep is a very good technique of slimming down.

Make sure you get enough sleep every night.

The thing is that, most sleep irregularities begin once we cross the age 40 line.

There are many causes of sleep issues which include stress, medications and other health factors; and lack of sleep can directly contribute to your weight gain. 

If you are finding it difficult to sleep at night, check out this post on how to sleep better at night and if it is still a problem, check with your doctor.

4. Reset Your Hormones

Estrogen is a major factor of weight gain in your 40s.

Once you are near your age of menopause, your hormones can go out of wack and do some really weird stuff.

But it’s not just estrogen, other hormones can add to weight gain when they come in contact with some kind of medications, stress and maybe foods that tamper with your normal level of functioning.

In order to reset your hormones, you will have to make some major changes in your diet and your overall lifestyle.

The first thing you should do is to eliminate all forms of stress from your life.

Stress is a major cause of weight gain at any age.

I remember at age 21 when I started adding weight and also had high blood pressure; I was really stressed out about something and when that issue was resolves, my body came back to its normal state.

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5. Change Your Routines

There are some techniques for weight loss that you usually do that will not work again now that you have turned 40.

From age 40 you start to lose body mass and a lot of stuff will hurt if you do high intensive workouts.

You won’t be able to go for a long run again for instance.

This means you will have to find something more suitable to your current situation, like build more muscle mass.

But don’t overdo. 

Stick to low impact workouts so as to avoid any form of injuries.

6. Drink More Water

Our society right now are replacing water with all sorts of artificial drinks like soda, flavored water and others.

Some of these drinks are okay but for you to have the kind of results you are looking for with your weight loss goal, you will have to go natural.

That’s water!

Try to drink at least 3 liters of water everyday.

This will keep you hydrated and full at most times which in turn will make you eat less food and lose more calories in the process.

Click here to know more about drinking water for weight loss.

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7. Only Eat Real Foods

This is a major factor if you are serious about losing weight.

It could be difficult especially if you fancy a sweet treat every now and then and maybe at night you have one or two scoops of ice cream before bed.

But to lose weight for real, you should eat real foods.

No take outs.

You will have to prepare your own meals and make them organic.

8. Walk More

When you turn 40 there’s so much exercise your body can take and that’s why walking is the better option. But if you feel your body can still handle a good run, go for it.

Walk for at least 30 minutes everyday.

It is a low impact exercise that will not let your joints ache.

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9. Swim

Swimming an hour a day can help you lose up to 500 calories.

It is a very good form of exercise that works out the whole body and if you do a more intense swim, you can lose way more than 500 calories in one hour.

But since this is for the over 40s, your regular swimming rate is just fine for you to lose weight. Especially if you do this everyday.

10. Get a Partner

Any form of workout can be boring if you do it alone.

So it is recommended to go with a partner for accountability; especially someone who is also on the same journey of weight loss.

This can make your weight loss routine easier and will make it seem like you are not working too hard.


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