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30 New & Incredible Weight Loss Tips – The Ultimate Guide


This post contains 30 weight loss tips that you should bookmark so you can come back to when you feel like you need a reminder to stay on top of your weight loss commitment, never back down.

There we go, 30 weight loss tips just for you:

1. Determine to Lose Weight/ Have a Strong Reason

Weight loss always starts with your determination to lose weight.

If you struggle to get up from bed every morning, if you are tired of running out of breath every time you climb a flight of stairs; and if you want to feel healthy again, this is a good place to start.

And it’s only your determination to start living a healthy life that will take you far in your weight loss journey.

Reasons People Want to Lose Weight

  1. To be healthier
  2. To look more attractive to the other sex
  3. Trying to please a spouse
  4. Epiphany (Death of someone because of health reasons)
  5. Medical Emergency eg. Heart Attack

2. Get Smaller Plates

Larger plates will make you eat more.

It’s a psychological thing.

You have been conditioned to finish the food on your plate and even if it’s large or small, you must finish it.

So why not start with smaller plates and if after eating you want more, get more with the small plate still. But the thing is that, after your first meal you would feel satisfied enough to not want another meal.

3. Start a Fitness Regime

This is a great way to lose weight fast.

Maybe it’s going to the gym a couple of times in a week (like 3-4 times) or running every morning or evening for about 30 minutes, starting a fitness regime will assist you a lot in losing some of your weight.

Fitness Routine You Can Start Now

  • Jogging for 30 minutes every morning
  • Lifting weight every morning
  • Walking home from work; if you work close to home
  • Sign up for a yoga class
  • Get a gym membership

You can check out my post on starting a fitness routine where I tell you about my own fitness routine which you can use to give you some ideas on how you can start yours.

4. Mind the Way You Eat

Most people eat anyhow.

They go into a restaurant and eat anything that looks pleasing to the eye and tongue without making sure that it’s a healthy meal.

Watch what you eat.

Read labels and ingredients on your food purchases  to know exactly what it is you are buying so that you won’t be deceived about a product.

And always mind that you eat the healthiest meal possible that you can lay your hands on.

5. Eat More Fruits

The reason I like fruits is that they are sweet. But their sweetness is natural; like mother nature’s own sugar.

I eat lots of fruits and they help a lot in maintaining my current weight.

The awesome thing about it is that they are not expensive and you can save a lot of money by reducing most of your meals to fruits and vegetables.

6. Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are very light meals that will certainly make you lose weight and keep you slim and fit for life if you adjust your eating habits to include lots of vegetables.

I mentioned this in my post about the absolute way you can lose weight for good which shows you what you can do to lose weight forever.

7. Take Green Tea

Green teacan help you lose weight as it has a very powerful antioxidant called Catechins that works with caffeine (which is found in green tea in small amounts) to lose weight.

You can take green tea in the evening after having a light and healthy dinner so kind of balance your whole system and prime it for a subtle weight loss session while you sleep.

8. Wake Up Early

There are times when I wake up late (most times I am already awake, but due to laziness I go back to sleep) and when I eventually wake up, I feel a little lazy and kind of heavy… even though I had a light healthy dinner the night before.

But to have to wake up early you must go to bed early so that you can have a quality night sleep.

9. Eat Small and Often

Instead of eating three large meals every day, why not go for small meals a total of five to six times a day.

It will keep your body energized all day and healthy too.

When you only eat 3 times, sometimes you get hungry before the next meal time and maybe you ignore the hunger till that time; your body becomes weak and tired and when you eventually get to eat, most people gorge their meals and over-indulge in the process – I know I have this before.

10. Sleep Well

A good nights’ sleep is a major factor in losing weight.

Try to get at the amount of sleep you know you need.

Our system is different and maybe I need 7 hours of sleep each night to feel refreshed and well rested, you on the other hand may only need 5 hours to feel the same amount of refreshed and rested I feel.

Our bodies are different so you should know your own sleep cycle and get the amount you need.

If you are having trouble sleeping, I recommend you read my post on how to fall asleep faster.

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11. Remove Junk from Your Life

Sugar and junk is the number one cause of weight gain in many people today.

Granted, some people can eat a whole lot of junk and still stay slim – I know plenty people like that.

Their metabolism is very different from yours and mine and we shouldn’t even attempt to emulate their eating habits for a minute.

I don’t know about you but if I try eating junk for even a day, my body tells me, I get bloated and my trousers get tighter at the waist.

How to quit eating sugar (also helps to remove junk food from your life).

12. Supplements

There are many weight loss supplements out there that are good for weight loss  I must admit (there are also terrible ones too).

But weight loss supplements should not be a go-to for you but a catalyst in losing weight.

When you go for a run, then you can let the supplement assist your body in shedding weight.

This is so because if you only use weight loss supplements to lose weight, like all other drugs you can become addicted to shortcuts and commit to living an unhealthy lifestyle thinking your weight loss supplement will help you out.

You should try to live a healthy lifestyle while taking a weight loss supplement.

That is the only way it can work well for you.

13. Go for a Walk

Walking is a nice way to lose weight and also give your heart a little workout.

Try walking for about 30 minutes to an hour every day before plunging yourself in front of the TV all night.

If your work place is near, you can walk it instead of taking a car.

It will be of great help to you in the long run.

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14. Don’t be Lazy, Take the Stairs

Elevators has made us become too lazy.

Many people now prefer to use an elevator instead of using the stairs to go to the first floor.

I see the stairs as a form of stagnant treadmill. There is resistance because you are going upwards and your heart gets the message in form of a workout.

15. Read the Ingredients

Many products in the market are riddled with many forms of unhealthy ingredients and the thing is that most of us don’t take the time to read these ingredients to see if they are good for us.

Anytime you want to buy something in the store, read what’s on the ingredients first so that you can make an informed decision on what you are buying.

If it has a lot of chemical gibberish you don’t understand, it is likely there’s some form of sugar and unhealthy stuff in it.

16. Manage Stress

Stress can make people stress eat which is a super-sure way to add weight.

Whenever you feel stressed-out and you get that urge to go the fridge, take a step back and look at how you are feeling, then do something healthy and productive in its place.

You can play an intense game, take a few stress relieving pillsor you can do some sort of high intensive workout.

That will take the stress out of you straightaway and you will be healthy in the process.

17. Chew Thoroughly

I know of some guys who don’t chew their foods properly or up to 5 times.

You can count the number of times you chew before swallowing but I recommend you should chew your food until they become mush in your mouth before you swallow.

That way your body will be able to digest it faster and it won’t stay long in your system.

18. Eat for 20 Minutes or More

It takes about 20 minutes for your body to remove the hunger feeling you feel according to research.

When you eat for less than 20 minutes, you feel like you haven’t had enough and you go get some more which just means you are feeding your body more food than it needs.

When you eat for 20 minutes or more you feel satisfied because your stomach is no longer sending hunger signals to your brain.

19. Drink More Water

Drinking water helps a lot in losing weight. Especially if you drink before meals.

The reason is that the water you drink fills some part of your stomach and when you eat, you eat less because of the water already in you.

Also, always keep water on you at all times as it helps a lot in removing unnecessary weight from your system.

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20. Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals as a weight loss tips is not a wise thing to do, unless you are doing an intermittent fast.

Skipping meals sends a message to your brain that there is scarcity of food which makes your body start to hoard the remainder in your system.

This leads to adding calories and gaining weight.

21. Stop Taking Sugar

Like I have mentioned above, sugar is one of the major forms of weight gain and too much of it can cause you some serious health problems.

You can reduce the amount of sugar you take or cut it out of your life completely.

Either way, there will be less sugar in your system and you can live a long and healthy life.

22. Wear Fitted Clothes

This is one of the major ways I use to check my weight as I don’t have a scale in my house.

I wear fitted clothes and when I over-indulge during the holidays, my clothes gets tighter which means that I have put on a few.

Then I stop whatever it is I was doing and start my super secret way to losing weight in 3 days and as soon as it reaches the third day, my weight would have dropped to its normal size again.

So, if you want to learn how to lose weight in 3 days or less, check out this post.

23. Red Wine Only

Drinking a glass of red winedaily can dramatically increase your chances of losing weight.

It has fewer calories and is a great alternative to other forms of alcohol.

But as much as wine is good for your health and waistline, you should not over-indulge in it. Take it in moderation instead of going overboard with it.

24. Getting Fries With That


I don’t know how they make their meals in these eateries but studies have shown that most of the foods they serve are not healthy foods.

Unless you go there to order a salad.
Sidenote Story: Going to McDonald’s to order a salad is like asking a prostitute for only a hug.
But if you are the type that can’t completely cut out takeouts, I suggest you wean yourself off gradually until you can make your own meals at home.

It’s the healthier choice.

25. Eat Eggs for Breakfast

Eating eggs for breakfast can help you lose weight fast and that is why it is one of the weight loss tips added to this post.

I use to think it was an unhealthy food until I read this post.

Now I eat eggs almost every morning, not for weight loss because I’m slim, but for the overall health benefits it provides me.

26. Cook with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many great health benefits and has been a great food to keep yourself healthy for as long as time. Maybe it’s because it is an earth food.

You can add coconut oil to your food when cooking.

27. Drink Black Coffee

A good quality coffee is loaded with antioxidants and can have many health benefits.

It also has caffeine which boosts metabolism which increases fat burning thereby  causing weight loss.

Don’t add a bunch of sugar or calorie filled stuff in the coffee. It will only negate the effect of the coffee in your system.

28. Eat More Fiber

For as long as I can remember, fiber has been known to be a real purpose for weight loss. Fiber can increase your feeling of satisfaction which makes you lose weight in the process.

29. Get into Yoga

Yoga has been a great way to improve your health and there are certain yoga poses that helps you to lose weight fast.

Start a beginner yoga routine if you haven’t started one yet.

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30. Be Determined to Keep the Weight Off

Now that you have lost all of that weight, are you going to go back to the habits that made you gain the weight in the first place?

You have to be determined to keep your new sexy body and keep the weight off for good.

This way you only have to maintain your new current weight instead of going through difficult weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips Conclusion

These are the ultimate weight loss tips you can use to lose weight fast. There are more weight loss tips out there but they are mostly derivatives of these ones here.

Use these methods to attack the unwanted calories in your body and be the healthiest person you can be.

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