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5 Popular Methods To Detoxify Your Body


Do you want to detoxify your body? We explain the five most famous detox methods and what else you should know about detox. 

Why detoxify the body? 

Some fast, others use detox – both want the same thing: to detoxify the body, to erase the consequences of poor nutrition and harmful environmental influences. This should improve our well-being and general health. We do have our own detoxification police: organs such as the liver, kidneys, and skin remove harmful substances such as environmental toxins. But if they get out of hand, we look tired, feel limp, and are prone to disease. 

What happens when we detoxify the body? 

Researchers found that around five percent of damaged body cells break down in the body during fasting, making room for new cell material. Toxins stored in adipose tissue are released from the cells by renouncing food and excreted via the detoxification organs liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, and skin. The intestine is vigorously cleaned. The complexion, especially cellulite, can often be significantly improved by draining the connective tissue. 

It must be said that, from a medical point of view, it is usually not necessary to detoxify the body because it can do this itself with the help of the detoxification organs. But if you suffer from chronic diseases of the digestive tract, for example, it can make sense to support the intestine with detoxification. 

How can you detoxify the body? 

Various detox regimens can be used to detoxify the body. Most methods rely on ingesting liquids almost exclusively – if solid food is allowed, it is usually gentle and natural. This relieves the digestive tract and allows the intestine to concentrate more on excreting toxins (e.g., metabolic end products) and other pollutants. 

5 Popular Methods To Detoxify Your Body

The most popular methods to detoxify the body can be found here. If you are still unsure which one suits you best, start with our detox plan for one week! 

1. Detox your body with the Mayr cure: water, milk, and olle rolls 

The method: Detoxification takes place through food combining, tea, and water, abdominal treatments, massages. Duration: We recommend at least 14 days. Colon cleansing: drink a glass of warm water with dissolved Epsom salt in the morning. 

2. Detox the body with the Panchakarma cure: well oiled 

The method: oil (massages and enemas), herbs, and teas are used to detoxify. Duration: 14 days are recommended. Colon cleansing: With an oil enema and ghee. 

3. Detox your body with Master-Cleanse: fasting classics from Hollywood

The method: Lemon juice and cayenne pepper are used to detoxify. The maple syrup contains energy. Six to twelve glasses (300 ml each) of the lemonade are drunk a day. Plus a lot of water. Stanley Burroughs invented the fasting cure back in 1941. Duration: Ten to 40 days – until the tongue glows smooth pink again without any coating. Colon cleansing: With daily laxative tea and one liter of water with 2 teaspoons of dissolved sea salt.

4. Detox your body with thalassotherapy: give me the sea! 

The method The term thalasso comes from the Greek (Thalassa: it. “Sea”) and describes a therapy that cleanses the body with the ingredients of the sea (e.g., algae, minerals, and trace elements such as sodium or iodine). Traditionally, this cure occurs in a center-right by the sea, but it can also be done in a simplified form at home. 

How exactly does it work?

The detox program includes, among other things, seawater drinking cures, mud baths and algae packs, salt and algae baths, or algae preparations for food supplements. Sea salt and so-called alginates can bind and remove harmful substances in the body, the skin becomes deeply clean. 

Who is the therapy suitable for?

If the external applications are in the foreground, everyone can purify with Thalassa. If you want to try it at home: In health food stores or drugstores, there are bath additives, lotions, or gels with algae and sea salt for detoxification. However, caution is advised if you are allergic to iodine or have thyroid diseases.

5. Detox your body with detox yoga: Get rid of the waste!

What is the basic principle?

The extensive health benefits of yoga have long been proven. But some positions are aimed explicitly at physical detoxification because they stimulate the blood flow to the liver, kidneys, and pancreas and thus the metabolism.

How exactly does it work?

Through special exercises such as “half rotating seat,” “forceps,” or “shoulder stand,” in which the body is strongly twisted and bent, blood should be “pressed out” of the internal organs, then enriched with oxygen and flushing waste products out of the organism. The Kapalabhati breath, a snorting breathing technique, also has an inner cleansing effect.

Who is the therapy suitable for?

Detox yoga is the right choice for those who want to actively detox without concentrating on strict nutritional guidelines.

Proper preparation and follow-up are crucial.

If you want to detox your body, you usually start a day before the actual cure. Only small and digestible meals are consumed to prepare the intestine for detoxification. Depending on the method, a colon cleanse can also be helpful.

After detox, it is also important to slowly get the body used to solid foods again. So you shouldn’t go straight back to hard-to-digest foods such as processed foods or fast food but instead focus on light foods, such as soups. Building on this, you can gradually integrate more healthy and wholesome foods into your menu.

Why can detoxifying the body improve wellbeing?

There are some good reasons to detoxify your body, even if you don’t necessarily have to from a medical point of view. Detoxification can have the following benefits for wellbeing:

Due to the gentle diet, which relieves the intestines, complaints such as tiredness and digestive problems such as a feeling of fullness often subside.

Doing without stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine, or coffee, inner tension eases, and stress is reduced. The cure can also be an introduction to avoiding such stimulants in the future.

In general, the cure can help to be more conscious about nutrition in the future and focus more on a healthy diet.

The weight loss that often results from detoxification can motivate you to eat a balanced and healthy diet over the long term. This also increases metabolism.

Which foods should I generally avoid when detoxifying?

Although it differs from method to method which foods are allowed to be consumed, most of them do without the following:

  • Sugar
  • Sweets
  • White flour products salt
  • Meat and meat products
  • Fast food and generally processed foods containing gluten
  • When solid food is eaten, in most cases, fresh fruits and vegetables are on the menu.
  • In addition, whole grain products and nuts and seeds.

Can anyone do a detox?

The detox is not suitable for everyone. Underweight people, pregnant women, or sick people with immunodeficiency or severe chronic illnesses should not detoxify if they avoid entirely solid food or are generally only allowed to consume very few calories. In general, the following applies: Before starting a detox such as a detox, you should consult your doctor.

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